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The Box

Elegant Wooden MDF Box of Printed chocolates, made with perfection. The edges are fine and premium. Your logo or company name is laminate printed on the box with a Diwali theme. Durable and Long Lasting, reusable to keep in a purse, mobile, pen, diary, etc. You can customize the box design with your own theme.

The Printed Chocolates

Logo Printed Chocolates with your branding. A respective number of chocolates printed with your logo or company name as per the box size you select. The ink is edible and safe for consumption. The print quality is good and clear. The remaining chocolates will be nonprinted i.e. assorted with optional fillings inside like Fruit & Nuts, Roasted Almond / Butter Scotch. The default filling will be Fruit & Nuts. Each chocolate weighs around 13-15 grams. It’s a blend of dark and white chocolate, neither too bitter nor mild. The taste is good and has been made considering the Indian taste.

The Greeting

You will get a space to write your own Diwali wish for your employees or clients. The message will be placed inside the box and will be seen when the box is opened. You can put your name/designation and company name as your signature.

Diya Lamp & Rangoli Customized Printed Chocolates Corporate Diwali Gift

Are you looking for unique corporate Diwali gift ideas to make your clients and employees happy? Well, try out the Diya lamp and rangoli design printed black modern box of customized chocolates. You can also choose to deliver the gift directly to your employee’s or client’s house on your behalf.

Product Details:

You will get a customized black/white (as per the design selected) MDF wooden box with respective numbers of printed chocolates as per the size shown. There is also a personalized message printed on butter paper placed inside the box. Kindly refer to the dropdown below for more details related to the box size and terms.


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