Handmade Brass Walking Cane


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Do you need a cane to get the optimum level of support to walk properly on any choice of surface? Is anyone old enough in the family who requires a cane to create balance while walking? If yes, then you can lay hands on this victorian style and artistic-looking handmade brass walking cane. Unlike the normal-looking walking stick, this right here provides a magnetic charm of the vintage collection and an authentic vibe.

Anyone using his cane while walking outside is sure to catch widespread attention from all the people around. The best part of this vintage cane is the victorian style artistic pattern and engraving that dates back to the designer pattern thousands of years ago. Laying hands
on this handmade brass walking cane means preserving your vintage collection of old yet valuable items that are hard to find anywhere else. Simply shop for this brass cane at Etsy and pay an affordable choice of price.

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Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 91 cm


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