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Home Decor Item’s Stylish Collection at

With some new collections of ZuGuNu’s Home Decors, it’s time to decorate your home, you need something that is unique and attractive. Home decor is the art and science of enhancing the interior of a home to achieve a healthier and more aesthetically pleasing environment for the people using the space. Thankfully we have plenty of home decor items at We offer all different and unique pieces for home decor that will fill and make that space more attractive.

Handmade Home Decor Item

Bring amazing home decoration items and enhance your home with Astonishing handmade home decor pieces that are unique in every form like wall decor items, showpieces, light decor, divine decor, table decor, key holders, wall clocks, candle holders, antiques and vintage and many decorative vases and many more items in bulk. These handmade home decor items are surely going to make your home look up to date with the recent trends. These also stand as a great gifting choice around festivals and celebrations throughout the year. All our fabulous handicraft items are handmade with love in India.

Modern Interior Home Decor Items

A modern interior home decor item is defined by clean and simple colour schemes, a welcoming feel, clean individual elements, as well as heavy use of glass and steel and much-needed siding replacements that date back in historical times. Black and white dominate the colour palette, with some faded shades of blue, and red, among other prime colours.

We spoke about contemporary interior home decor items which blend the design styles from various eras, the Modern Design style is from a specific period – the dawn of the 20th century. This style is rooted in German and Scandinavian design styles and architecture. It is all about logic and practicality and the paintings and sculptures are chosen accordingly.

The living spaces are designed in a minimalist manner with open floor plans. It focuses on block colours and primary hues with modern art in contrasting colours. The furniture used is functional and simple with clean lines. Natural lights play an essential role in a modern home while accent lighting is used to highlight specific elements, architectural features, sculptures, etc.

The core idea of modern decor items is to create simple and clutter-free homes with no unnecessary adornments. Since form follows function, everything used in a modern home fulfils a practical purpose. This style trended in the early 20th century and happened to make a comeback a century later. Most decor materials in this style border on simplicity, especially the furnishings. Nothing is overly loud or daring. 

Order some attractive and unique home decor pieces like very attractive Metallic Scooter decor for walls online in bulk for your walls and tables.

We are providing you with some best pieces regarding how to choose your home decor item at an affordable price range. is a leading online store for new home decor items. Home decor items have a wide range of modern, handmade and many more for its customers to choose from and buy at the most affordable prices. The company offers unique, attractive and stylish pieces at affordable prices that make your home look different.

Home Decor Items From Our Stylish Collection Near You

The best way to buy home decor items near you is to visit the website of, where you’ll find home decor items made in different parts of India of different cultures.

Handmade, modern machine made and using a new technique-based home decor items in India.

At zugunu.Com, you can provide home decor items near you or online through our website. With our wide range of items like wall hangings vases paintings and so on; it’s easy to find what suits your home and requirements perfectly!


Looking for home decor items, look no further than Our new ideas and styles have something for your home decoration. Explore more with us on

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